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How to Solve the Problem of Discharging Powder During Small Feed Pellet Machine Pelleting
Date: 2019-11-15 14:30:36

Many home use pellet machine has the problem of discharging powder during pellet machine pelleting. This is really a headache thing, as it not only wastes the material but also increases the difficulty for screening of feed pellet. Here we discuss the causes of this problem.

First, the mould is over-worn. The hole of mould has been worn to be smooth and enlarged seriously, which cause the decrease of pressure for pellet molding, affect the pellet forming rate, and result in excessive powder.

Second, ultra low or high moisture of material. If the material moisture is too high, there won't be too much powder, but the hardness of pellet will be low. Thus, the pellet produced by small feed pellet machine will be easy to loose. While, if the material moisture is too low, it will be very hard for pellet forming and cause excessive powder output.

Third, the aging of small feed pellet machine. Pellet machine lacks of power, the motor can't supply enough rotation speed to generate corresponding pressure for pressing pellet.