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Feed pellet size also speak science
Date: 2019-11-15 14:37:16

Many aquaculture users think that everything will be fine after buying a feed pellet machine, and they make all the feed pellets with the same standard, no matter for pigs, chickens or ducks. In fact, the size of the feed pellet can also be adjusted accordingly.

Chicken's feed should not be too fine, because chicken likes to eat pellets or broken grains, thus we can mix the coarse material with fine material. Rice and broken rice can be directly added to the mixer. The fineness of wheat and barley should be less than 2.5 mm. Corn, brown rice and soybean cake should be processed into powdery material. When laying hens produce soft shell eggs that require calcium supplementation, it is desirable to feed them granules of calcium, that is to grind limestone, shells, etc. , into sorghum grain-sized granules, which are fed at the end of every night when they are fed at the last time. That is because the particle calcium stays in the chicken body for a long time, which will be beneficial to the absorption and utilization of the chicken body, thus the effect of calcium supplementation is good.
Piglets should be fed with specially formulated pelleted or chopped feeds. Beans and other energy feeds can be fried and fed. Small pigs under 25 kg can be fed general piglets; 25 kg or above pigs, their feed can be finely chopped and fineness can be controlled within 2 mm. Feed for the pigs, the finer the better.
The fineness of concentrate feed of cattle and sheep can exceed 2mm, as the cattle can ruminate, and coarse feed can be helpful for rumination and improve the digestibility of the feed. While, the feed for old cattle and old sheep should be crushed to less than 1 mm to facilitate digestion.







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